There are many benefits to an aluminum deck railing. Some of the benefits like added security and value to your property are well known, but there are many other benefits to an aluminum deck railing. Some of these notable advantages are:

  • High Resistance: Compared to other railings, aluminum is a non-ferrous metal which means that there is never any worry about corrosion or rust. This is a very tolerable metal which means that the environmental elements will not affect its look or quality. This metal can easily withstand rain, snow, and UV rays.


  • Low Maintenance: Another advantage to an aluminum deck railing is it is very low maintenance. Most aluminum deck railing systems have some maintenance tasks, such as basic repainting. But, if you choose powder coated aluminum railing, you simply need to do an occasional cleaning of the railing. This is yet another reason why aluminum rails are becoming quite popular.


  • Low Cost: An aluminum deck railing system is a lot cheaper than wrought iron or steel. On the one side, aluminum is more expensive than wood, but it doesn’t require any of the costly and time-consuming maintenance tasks that a regular wood railing system requires regularly. As aluminum is quite affordable, it simply has the one-time investment without additional costs and maintenance, which leaves it to be the more advantageous than any other railing option.


  • Great Aesthetics: One of the last benefits is how great the railings look. Coming in colours, designs, and patterns that will make your personality shine through, this is a great choice for improving the overall appearance of your property.

These points easily show why you should choose an aluminum railing, but maybe you are still wanting to compare aluminum to a different type of railing. Here are some of the most common railings compared to an aluminum railing.

  • Aluminum versus Steel: A steel railing system has many advantages, but one of it’s disadvantages compared to the aluminum is that it has to be repainted every few years. The aluminum deck railing systems are available with a powder coating, which keeps them looking like new for years. Aluminum also provides a large amount of flexibility during installation. Compared to steel fencing, which requires special grinders and cutting torches during the installation.


  • Aluminum versus Wood: The most important difference between these two materials are that aluminum will not rot. When aluminum is properly coated in the powder, it does not require any maintenance at all during its life cycle. This is being compared to wood, which does rot. Considering this, wood needs to be repainted every two years. Depending on the life of the railings, you may need to treat wooden railings with chemicals, compared to the aluminum which is a chemically treated free system.


  • Aluminum versus Vinyl: One of the many reasons aluminum is a top pick is because it consist of a low expansion and shrinkage index. An aluminum railing system will hold its shape and dimension even in the extremes of cold and hot. This is being compared to vinyl, which can shrink or expand depending on the extreme temperatures. Another disadvantage to vinyl is that it will usually fade and crack due to UV radiation. Comparing to aluminum where UV rays have a minimal negative impact on powder coated aluminum, which means that the beautiful colour of your railing system will stay for a long period of time.

Considering these reasons and many more, it is clear why aluminum railing has become one of the most popular deck railings today. If you have decided to use aluminum railings in your next project, please take some time to look at our gallery of different railings we have done in the past. We hope to hear from you soon!

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