There are many benefits to a wrought iron railing system. One of the most commonly known benefits are that the wrought iron systems have a slightly more  modern appearance. These systems compliment wood staircases beautifully, to give a more sophisticated and updated look compared to the classic wood stairs with wood railings.

Another benefit to wrought iron is that they have the ability to mix both elegance and beauty with durability and reliability. Wrought iron is capable of providing safety and elegance without a large amount of obstruction in view. Wrought iron also lasts for a long time, which means this can be an added investment to your property. We are also very proud to offer powder coated wrought iron. This is a very useful alternative for our railings, not only for the look, but the quality and the durability of the product. A properly coated powder surface can last up to 20 years, which in the long run can save you thousands.

To see some examples of wrought iron railings, click here to view our gallery.





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