There are many railing installers and manufactures, so how do you decide who to choose and who to trust with the project you have in mind? Here are some of the things you should look for when deciding:

  • Personal Recommendations:
    • The single best way for you to trust a manufacturer and installer is to talk to the people you already trust; your friends and family. If you know someone that had railings installed and they were happy with the experience that is a great indicator of how your experience will go.
  • How long have they been doing this?
    • This is another great indicator of the credibility of an installer and manufacturer. If they have a history dating back for years and years, and have had thousands of jobs, that is a great indicator that they are able to do what they are claiming they can, make the client happy. If they have just recently started their business, you should be a little bit skeptical about them, just because they haven’t had time to prove themselves yet.
  • References:
    • In the industry that we are in, it is very common for people to have pictures of their work and have happy customers who are willing to be references for them. This is an invaluable experience as you are able to communicate with someone who has already done business with this manufacturer and may have insight into how the business with the manufacturer went. The previous clients may even let you go and inspect the railings, which again is a very valuable experience. To be able to inspect previous railings can help you realize if this manufacturer is willing to do what they say they will do.
  • Installation only?
    • Some railing manufacturers will only produce the railings for you and will not install them. We would strongly urge you to select a manufacturer that is willing to do both. There are multiple reasons for this. With a combination like this, having the manufacturer produce and install the railings, it will be much cheaper than if you did two separate companies. Also, the quality of the installation will be a lot better. The manufacturers are used to installing the railings that they built, therefore you will have a better installation. This will also decrease the ‘blame game’ as if something goes wrong the installer may blame the manufacturer, and the manufacturer the installer.

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