Whether you’re building a new house, or looking to replace tired or rotten wooden columns, we offer several styles and colours to make your home look great.

Just like wooden railings, wooden exterior columns are a poor choice for the Canadian climate. Even with regular maintenance, wood columns are susceptible to decay and rot. Not only does this put the structural integrity of your balcony or veranda at risk, the appearance of these columns does nothing for the curb appeal of your home. We offer several styles of aluminum columns which are made of the same industrial strength aluminum as our railings. Not only are these columns load-bearing, they’re maintenance and rust free. This means you’ll never have to re-paint or replace them as you did your traditional wood columns.

The columns are painted with the same powder coated finish as our railings to ensure a durable and long lasting paint finish warrantied for 20 years. S.T.A.R. system columns are made so that they can either be assembled and installed as a solid unit, or wrapped around an existing column or jack post. Once the column is snapped into place there are no visible seams or joints, just a clean and sleek appearance. Columns are offered in the same basic colours as our railings; black, white, sandalwood and Ontario grey, with custom colours also available. Check out some of the columns in our photo gallery, or stop into the showroom for a better look!