If you like the classic decorative style of traditional wrought iron railings but still prefer the maintenance-free aspect of aluminum, we have several solutions to meet your needs.

By choosing the right styles of posts and railings, in addition to custom accessories, a more classic and stylish look can easily be achieved. Our Colonial style railings come with larger posts and can have added ball tops for a more elegant finish. Knuckles can be added to the pickets in any pattern you like, again to add some more character to the railing. We also offer decorative scrolls and pattern work which can be added to most rails to give a true wrought iron look, without the headaches of constant maintenance.

Double railings can be used to add character as well. We even have decorative work to go in between the two upper rails, including circular and diamond patterns. Basket, or curved pickets can be another way to enhance the style of a plain railing.

All of our railings and decorative features are made of powder coated aluminum. This means that contrary to wrought iron, they will not peel or rust over time. You can rest assured that the investment you made in your railings will hold up over time, and the appeal of your railings will not diminish. Feel free to stop by our showroom to see the options we have available, or check out some photos of decorative aluminum on our website!