When it comes to choosing the type of railing system to install in your residential or commercial property the choices can seem endless. There are benefits and drawbacks to each choice, but the one that stands out as the most versatile material would be glass railings. The choices you have to customize your property with glass railings make it a clear choice for most installations. Here are our top six reasons to use glass in your next project:

  • With glass railings you get the benefit of providing unobstructed views from within your property creating a feeling of open concept and space that would otherwise feel cramped or closed in with another railing choice.
  • The glass also provides a great wind barrier allowing you to use the enclosed area during windy days that would render the same area unusable with another choice.
  • All the glass used in the installation is tempered so even in the unfortunate event of damage the glass railing will break into harmless pieces instead of dangerous sharp objects.
  • You can customize your glass with tinting to provide a sense of privacy while still maintaining the sense of space and ability to match your décor. Some of the tinting options are :
    • Black
    • Bronze
    • Grey
  • If you are looking for more privacy you can sandblast the glass pieces to provide an opaque barrier, with the option to customize the sandblasting to include logos or addresses.
  • The railings holding the glass can also be customized in color and design to match your needs.

There are many more reasons to choose glass, but these are some our favorite reasons of why we believe that glass railings are the best option for your next project. If you are looking for professional help click the image to get a free estimate on your project.

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